So much exciting stuff has been going on with our e-board!

We’ve been working hard to plan events, get forms in, and to stay organized. All of our hard work is paying off! We just had a meeting last night, and to all of our members, some amazing stuff is in the works.

We also got some AMAZING news from Student Activities today, so we’re all pretty excited right now.

To all of our members who have gone out of their way to offer to help, THANK YOU!! And to everybody supporting our tumblr page, you are all so amazing. The goal of this page is to not only spread messages of hope and positivity, but to get to know all of you as well. We can all be resources to one another, and don’t ever hesitate to contact us if you need some guidance or someone to talk to. :)

There are some big things in the works, so look out!


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